How Do You Expect Me To Trust You When Everything You Say Is A Lie?

Saturday 25 September 10 20:45
           I know, I know. I havn't bien on in quite a while.
                             But who even cares? 
    Alot has happend since the last time I posted, September 11th.
                        Exactly two weeks from today.

         I've also realized a few more things about myself,
         in the past two weeks.

                                                      The past two weeks =
                                                      bieng mean/rude to random people, makeing
                                                      new friends, partying, realizing who I shouldnt
                                                      be friends with anymore, cutting my hair,
                                                       and much more.
                                         I really hate this month.
                                         I can't wait for October.
                                         I have two shows, football games, KSP, partys, and Halloween.

                                                       I'll probably be on piczo a little more often.
                                                      But, as I already said, who cares. 
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  • cessigoesmusic

    glad to have you back and I do care :D

    Sunday 26 September 10 14:17
  • xMichelleFrad

    Thank you, so much. I seriously do love you. You hype baisicly everyone of my posts, and that comment really did make me smile. <3

    Monday 27 September 10 02:21

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